For me the sign of a good book is the disappointment when you get to the last page. I always want more. I always want to know what happens next. So I am always ready for the next book to be released. I was lucky this time, I was chosen to receive an ARC copy to read and review. I finally realized at the end of this volume that I no longer want to know what’s next, I want to move to Wishful.

I want to get my coffee at the Daily Grind and have lunch at Dinner Belles. I want to walk down Main Street waving to all the people I met on these pages. I would love to throw a quarter into the Fountain and make a wish.

Kait Nolan makes this place come alive in her books. Her characters become real to us and we become invested in their lives. I enjoyed all three of these books but my favorite, because I am an older woman had to “See You Again”. I love stories about second chances and true love finding its way but I especially enjoy the ones that feature older folks because we still want those things too!

Kait Nolan has become one of my favorite authors. She creates her characters and the town with such richness and depth that you can’t help but feel as if you are there with them.

Yes, I want to live in a place like Wishful. I wish there was a town like Wishful.

Keep writing Kait Nolan. I need to know what happens next.

All three of these books are worthy of 5 stars. Be sure to read them. “Dance Me A Dream” “See You Again” and “The Christmas Fountain”

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