Holiday Heat by Starla Hartless

I just finished this book, and I honestly just want to read it again. This has all the elements I love in a Romance novel. It has comical moments, heartwarming moments and sexy moments. If you don’t like hot sexy stories, then Starla’s books are not for you but I just had such a good time with this one.

The second book in the Cougar Love series, Holiday Heat reminds me of the screwball comedies of the fifties but definitely updated and much hotter.

Roxanne finds herself at the office Christmas party, suddenly indulging in a sexual encounter with a co-worker who happens to be a younger man. After the heat of the moment passes, Roxanne is left confused, guilty and embarrassed by her lack of control. What follows is a series of misadventures as Roxanne attempts to convince herself that she doesn’t want to be involved with Adam.

Adam may be younger than Roxanne but its obvious that he is the more mature partner in this relationship as he tries to find a way into Roxanne’s heart.

Along the way, Roxanne has to deal with a bratty sister and her out of control children who suddenly appear on her doorstep.

All of this happens during the holiday season in New York. A very amusing very steamy book by Starla Hartless who always leaves me wanting more.

A fun, funny book that I totally enjoyed one rainy afternoon. Yes, I couldn’t put it down!

Five stars!


By Neil Douglas Newton

I read this book several years ago when it was first published and in spite of poor editing, including typos, I enjoyed the read. I recently read the newly released version and I am very impressed. The new cover is brilliant and the story was even better the second time around.

Beginning shortly before 9/11 Mike Dobbs is not a guy you like immediately. He is a career minded, self centered man with a plan. After being stuck in the subway while the towers were falling, the experience sent him on a journey from which he never returns.

The Mike Dobbs before 9/11 slowly devolves while his friends watch helplessly, until he simply cannot exist in the job or the life he had before the tragedy. Without a word, he leaves his life in NYC and moves to a run down second home in the countryside of upstate New York. All he wants is to be left alone, to drink himself into oblivion and never be reminded of those events.

Then a woman and child in desperate need of help enter his life and again Mike Dobbs is on a journey to change and again his life will never be the same.

By the end of the book, I rather liked Mike Dobbs, something I would have thought impossible at the beginning of the story.

I highly recommend this book. Be prepared for an unexpected twist at the end.