To Get Me To You by Kait Nolan

I love a good romance novel but it has to have a good story. To Get Me To You fits the bill. The characters are well developed and you feel as if you really know them. The town of Wishful is the kind of small town we all wish we could live in, rather like Mayberry. Good neighbors, old fashioned fun.

The story of how a small town on the brink of financial ruin is turned around is well written. The romance between the city girl and the small town guy is delightful. I am glad this is part of a series since I have a very strong need to return to Wishful and explore other characters introduced to us in this book. I am happy Norah and Cam found a way to save the town and stay together. I look forward to hearing more about Piper, Miranda, Mitch and the other Wishful residents.

Kait Nolan has completely drawn me in. Totally enjoyable journey to Wishful. Can’t wait to go back.